Mr. Antony Blinken
Secretary of State USA

Milan, September 8, 2021

Dear Mr. Blinken,

I am writing in my capacity as Chairperson of Lega Nazionale per la Difesa del Cane – LNDC Animal Protection, one of the most important and oldest animal welfare organizations in Italy, committed to protecting all animals since 1950, with 80 local branches and thounsands of members, volunteers and supporters as well as almost a million followers on social media.

I am writing because our organization and a large number of Italian citizens are outraged and worried for the dogs left behind in Kabul by your fellow citizens. I have read that the Pentagon has denied leaving any US military dogs behind, but it is a fact that several privately owned animals, both companion and working dogs,  mainly owned by contractors, were left in the hands of the Taliban. A Taliban officer has also stated that they are trying to collect them and train them to use them in their army.

Obviously, I realize that the situation in Afghanistan is very complicated and the evacuation was very difficult to manage, but leaving behind loyal companions and invaluable allies that have served the citizens is really an inexplicable choice for a modern and civilized Country, which should appreciate and enhance a healthy relationship with man’s best friends, particularly when they offer their work unconditionally.

Therefore, I am writing to as if the US Government plans to do something to get back these dogs that have been in fact abandoned to an unknown fate. Moreover, I would like to inform you that our organization is available to take on these dogs and host them in our shelters if transport to Italy can be arranged, so that we can rehome them with responsible families. Finally, please let us know if you can put us in contact with someone that can provide accurate information on how the dogs currently are being treated.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

Piera Rosati
Lega Nazionale per la Difesa del Cane